MoneyIQ Products and Services

At MoneyIQ, providing solid BPO Business Process Outsourcing for lending or leasing firms is what we are all about. Using state of the art IT infrastructure and surrounding it with a team of professionals with solid experience we have created an environment unparalleled in the Canadian financial product management space.

To begin, MoneyIQ can manage any financial product be it retail, commercial, industrial  or agricultural. This allows us to offer services in the financial space nationally with a system that can adapt to regional issues effectively.  Obviously a firm looking to outsource their client services for customers in downtown Toronto, Ontario as an example would most likely not require agricultural lending services as well as retail products while a customer residing in downtown Calgary, Alberta or Regina, Saskatchewan just might. MoneyIQ can address these needs effectively and seamlessly.

Secondly, the workflow in our system allows us using the expertise of senior business analysts specializing in the Canadian financial space to effectively create and optimize any type of lending or leasing origination and/or servicing products our clients desire and manage them effectively without any programmer intervention. This means time to market on new product developments and optimized changes is significantly faster than any other solution provider.

Further to this workflow automation allows us to optimize procedures using an internal task manager that can create status updates, generate emails or documents requesting information or notify senior management on status changes easily. The result of this when integrated properly is a significant drop in manual processes most institutions currently face.

Thirdly, the reporting toolset in our system allows us to mine any datafield(s) in the system and report on them in a graphical or text based format. We can also export that data in a variety of structures for external reporting tools your firm may wish to use. This solution allows us to generate and manage servicing issues more effectively and in doing so generate a more proactive approach to customer management.

Finally. through further data mining cross selling opportunities for new products and/or services to an existing customer base can also be easily achieved. It is obviously easier to sell to an existing customer if they have been properly serviced than it is to obtain a new one. MoneyIQ creates an environment for our clients that can achieve this on a consistent basis.

The enclosed Product and Services pages on this site outline some of these benefits in greater detail. For further information on our services please do not hesitate to contact us at 1-866-578-7210 or by email at